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With our 24 hour locksmith Boston, MA, you will never have to second guess yourself. Our services arrive on time, equipped with the right tools to make quick work of your predicament. You won’t have to wait long, or ask twice. Our locksmiths have seen it all when it comes to cars, locks, and keys.

Our 24-Hour Locksmith Boston, MA Handles All Car Lock Problems

Dead Key Fob Battery

One of the most common problems with car locking systems is when the key fob loses its battery. It’s a common occurrence that is most related to old car key fobs. Batteries don’t last forever of course, and that should never be a problem. However, your car doors will refuse to budge if they’re locked from the inside.

If you want to travel somewhere immediately, this can be a real problem. However, fear not. Our 24-hour locksmith in Boston, MA, will take care of everything. They have batter replacements on hand and are familiar with every car key and car model. Hence, they will have a compatible battery replacement for you as soon as possible.

Remote Key Fob Failure

If it’s not a battery failure, it may be a remote failure of the key fob itself. Fret not, our 24-hour car locksmith in Boston, MA, will troubleshoot this in a jiffy. Remote key fobs have a very simply construction and are made with the same machinery inside.

It’s their programming to particular cars that is different. Luckily, our locksmiths have a deep knowledge of programmable keys and this is why their services are so coveted. Whether it’s a program that has gone awry or a key fob is simply not transmitting signals correctly, we’ve got you covered.

Our 24-hour locksmith Boston, MA, will take a good look at the problem and recommend a solution. We will either replace the fob or reprogram it to start working perfectly again.

Rusted Locks

Rusted locks are very common. However, they do occur less frequently in the cars of today. That being said, if your car has suffered a few particularly rainy afternoons or evenings, its locks may rust. Most of us may not have to deal with rusted locks due to automated key-less locks, however, other still have this problem.

Our 24-hour locksmith Boston, MA, can make short work of this problem by using the right tools. They will also advise you to take up practices to prevent these kind of locks from seizing up with rust again. Hence, our locksmith will ensure the locks are safe from further damage.

Short-Circuit in the Power Door Lock

With keyless entry, the locks all become automatic and controlled via electricity. That means that the system can blow a fuse in the worst of circumstances. With several thousand locks and unlocks of the car doors over a car’s lifetime, it’s bound to happen someday.

Our 24-hour automotive locksmith Boston, MA, will know exactly what to do in this event. They will first arrive to examine the car thoroughly and then apply the best solution. The key fob or the internal door lock may not work. The power door system may also have blown a fuse. Whatever the case may be, our locksmith will have the solution.

Frozen Locks

If you’re driving in subzero temperatures, then this is a very common problem you may face. However, whether you’re locked inside or outside, you just need to place a call to us and we’ll come running. Our 24-hour locksmith Boston, MA, will make the journey to you and rescue you from your predicament. They will have all the right tools available to make the lock work again.

Whether that’s a spray to displace water to clear up the ice, or a silicone alternative, we’ll have the solution. Our professionals will also advise you to make sure that this never happens again. We don’t just give you simple solutions to problems, we also solve problems in the long term.

Solenoid Replacement

One critical component of a power lock in today’s cars is the solenoid. It’s a component that each one of our 24-hour locksmith Boston, MA,  is familiar with. They know how to replace it and make it so your car doesn’t suffer any damage during the process.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring may occur in a small percentage of cars and not be caught. It’s a common issue with power lock systems. That’s why it’s an issue that every one of our 24-hour locksmith Boston, MA, is familiar with. They’re ready to deal with any wiring issues for any car lock out there.

At Sam The Lock Guy, our locksmiths are equipped for every emergency.

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