Car Lockout Service – Get Urgent Help In Cambridge

Unable to get back into your car because you lost your key or you accidentally left it inside the locked car? Sam The Lock Guy is the number to call for a car lockout service. Our car lockout service assists people and businesses in Cambridge that require help in getting back inside their car. Call 24/7 for our affordable car lockout service.

Car Lockout Service

The car lockout service from Sam The Lock Guy is one of the best in the Cambridge, MA area. We assist customers who are experiencing a car lockout and cannot get back inside. Rather than trying to unlock car door using a crowbar or some other means, the best option is to take advantage of our 24/7 car lockout service. You can count on someone from our shop arriving at your location within 15 to 20 minutes, and then assisting you. Our car unlock service is affordable, prompt and reliable. We equip our vans with the necessary machinery and accessories to make new keys on the spot. That is why we can unlock car quickly so that you can get back to your life. Do not damage your car by trying to unlock the door yourself – allow our professional locksmiths to do their job instead.

Car Lockout – Get Back On The Road Safely

Experiencing a car lockout is stressful and nerve wracking. You may be tempted to try and smash your window so you can get inside your car, especially if you left your key in there. That would be a mistake. Handling a car lockout on your own would only make matters worse. Our car lockout service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we respond to most calls within 15 to 20 minutes. If you are in or near Cambridge, MA and need help due to a lockout incident, give us a call. We would be happy to help.

Unlock Car Without Damage To The Vehicle

Being unable to unlock car is a scary experience. Perhaps your key no longer works, or you lost your car key. Rather than trying to break into your car or open the door using a crowbar, trust our locksmiths to handle the job. We offer an unlock car service in Cambridge that is available to all residents and businesses. We are proud of having the most affordable, prompt and professional car lockout service. Our locksmiths can make transponder keys, key fobs and remote keys on the spot, which cuts down the time it will take for you to get back inside your car.

Unlock Car Door With Our Help

Whether you are unable to unlock car door, or you are having problems with a car key that is stuck in the ignition, you can count on our car lockout service. We can unlock car door within the hour by making a new key, which is an exact duplicate of the one you may have lost or damaged. If your car key is stuck in the ignition, we use a safe technique to get it out without damaging the key or ignition. Even if some damage does happen to the key during this process, our locksmiths can make a new one right away.

The Best Car Unlock Service In Cambridge

A car lockout can happen for a variety of reasons. Lost or damaged keys are two of the primary causes, and our car lockout service can help with both. When you request our car unlock service a locksmith arrives at your location with the tools to make a new key or repair your key. If you have a transponder key or remote key, we assess the computer chip inside to ensure it is functioning correctly. Even if you need a brand-new key, we can make most keys within an hour to get you back on the road. Give us a call for the best car unlock service in Cambridge.

We Handle Car Emergencies With Care And Urgency

A car emergency can happen at any time. Whether it is 2pm on a Monday or 3am on New Year’s Eve, you can trust one of our locksmiths to arrive at your location within 15 to 20 minutes to help during a car emergency. Our professionals handle car lockouts, stuck ignition keys, and emergency key duplication and replacement work with care, urgency and precision.


Yes, our car lockout service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Car emergencies do not take any holidays, which is why one of our locksmiths will be there to help you any time you are experiencing a problem with your car key or locks.

Unless you have previous experience repairing or duplicating car keys, we do not recommend you try and resolve a car lockout on your own. If you have left your key inside your car, you may damage your car by trying to pry open the door. Calling one of our locksmiths for car lockout service is a much safer and faster way to get back on the road.

Yes, our experienced locksmiths know how to make new key fobs for nearly every car make and model that is found in Cambridge, MA. Even if you lose your key fob, our car lockout service includes making a new one on the spot if needed so that you can unlock car and get back to your life.

When a customer calls on our car lockout service for help, we send a locksmith with a fully kitted van. There is all the necessary equipment to make a new car key within the van, which is why our locksmiths can unlock car door on your vehicle within an hour in most cases.

No, we do not charge extra for our emergency car unlock service. The rates for our car lockout service depend on how long it takes the locksmith to assist you. Our guarantee is that you would pay the same price if you requested an identical service during normal business hours.