Car Lockout - Sam the Lock Guy Delivers Ultimate Roadside Help

A car lockout can occur for several different reasons. Luckily Sam the Lock Guy can help in all car lockout scenarios. We have professional auto locksmith to help wherever you may be in a car lockout situation.

Car Lockout Service For All Types of Vehicles

In a car lockout situation, Sam the Lock Guy professionals will arrive at your location within 30 minutes. This depends on various factors such as traffic, the time of day, and the number of customers we are serving at that time. Our professionals will show up with all the tools and auto locksmith car keys required for the job. Once there, our professionals may take just five minutes to unlock car door safely. Alternatively, it may require more time to unlock car if your vehicle is equipped with a more complex security system. In all cases, we focus on your car’s safety at all times. Our car unlock service will not damage your car locks or security system. Our professionals are industry specialists and are trained to deal with car lockout situations for all different types of vehicles.

Is It Safe to Try to Unlock Car by Yourself?

A driver’s first goal is to unlock car by any means possible. The driver might have found a friend or an innocent volunteer who wants to help get the door opened. Although the intentions may be well-founded, this is not the best way to go about the situation. The volunteer might help for a few bucks to try to get the door opened. But there is a chance that this will make things more difficult to successfully unlock car when the actual professionals arrive at the car lockout location.

Unlock Car Door Without Damaging Your Vehicle

Many people will still try to unlock car door by themselves with the old “wire hanger through the window” technique. Present-day vehicles do not have those old-fashioned locks anymore. If you are not careful enough, there is a chance that you might damage the lock system or maybe even trigger the alarm. This will make the car lockout an even more problematic situation. Our professionals will help you unlock car door with the least damage to your lock system. They will also help safeguard your car security system in the process. 

Car Unlock Service Designed to Meet Your Needs

Sam the Lock Guy car unlock service is the best solution in any kind of car lockout situation. The following are some of the advantages of our car unlock service.

Speedy Service – Our assistance is quick, without wasting any time within moments you will have the keys to your car.

Accessible Assistance – You do not have to come to us, we will come to you.

Around-the-clock Assistance – Our service is available at any time and all the time. We are always available to our clients.

The Facilities Associated with Locksmith Car Keys

Sam the Lock Guy professionals are certified and insured to work with locksmith car keys. We understand that in a majority of cases a car lockout is an emergency. Our professionals are trained to deal with these emergencies and have the appropriate locksmith replacement car keys for all different types of vehicles. Our main goal is to help you gain access to your vehicle in the least amount of time possible. But we can also help if you need to reprogram your keys as well.   

Unlock Car Door With a Dependable Car Unlock Service

Our car unlock service caters to all types of car lockout situations. But our professionals need all the information, to help you safely unlock car door. Do not hesitate to share any information which may prove valuable in your particular circumstances.

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About Car Lockout


Sam the Lock Guy professionals will be at your car lockout location between 15 to 30 minutes. Our professionals are familiar with the roads and the best route to your location. They might be there earlier but this depends on several different factors such as the time of day, traffic and weather conditions and the closest. The priority for our professionals is to reach your location as soon as possible.

In most cases, it will take about 5 minutes to unlock car to help you get back on the road in no time. There is a chance that it can take longer to resolve a car lockout situation if your vehicle is equipped with high security or unique locks. In all cases, our technicians will help you get back into your car in the least amount of time possible.

Our professionals know all the technicalities and workings of the automotive unlocking industry. This is the reason why they can unlock car door of any vehicle with zero damage to the vehicle. In the event of a car lockout, our professionals will treat your vehicle with the same care as if it were their own. There will be no damage to your vehicle. In the end, there will be no scratches or any unwanted signs on your vehicle.

Definitely. Many modern day car brands like BMW and Audi come with deadbolts as an industry standard. Our car unlock service is prepared to help owners of such high-end vehicles with deadbolts in a car lockout situation. Even in these scenarios ultimately there will be no damage to your vehicle.

We have never come across a situation where our locksmith car keys will not work. Some of the most difficult car lockout scenarios are when the car is fitted with a custom high-security trunk deadlock which did not come as a standard with the vehicle. In such cases, drilling might be required to get the car door open. Any negligible damage caused by the drilling will be easily covered up by your car license plate. Although, such cases are extraordinarily rare.

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