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Chip Key – Specialized Locksmith Services

Chips keys are the most modern form of car keys. These keys have specific codes programmed inside them by car manufacturing companies. You can use a chip key to unlock and lock your car door. If you need a chip key replacement after losing your car keys, contact us. Sam The Lock Guy locksmiths are expert key makers to provide the best key replacement, repair, and reprogramming services.

Whenever you need a chip key service, hire a locksmith professional who has the knowledge and expertise to handle all key problems. Otherwise, you will lose money and waste time getting low-quality keys from an amateur locksmith.

Chip Key – Best Programmers In Cambridge, MA

Chip keys stop responding whenever they have some fault. The most common problem with a chip key is reprogramming need. Are you wondering about who to hire for the best quality reprogramming service? Well, Sam The Lock Guy can be your answer. We always hire well-educated and certified programmers to work in our team. So, if you contact our company for a new key programming or an old key reprogramming service, we will send the best programmers to serve you.

Whether you need it during the daytime or at night, our expert locksmiths can be found just by calling us. Our helpline for emergency services is open all day and night long. Our auto locksmith experts can also reprogram a fob key. You can dial us to fix any automotive lock and key issues.

How To Program A Transponder Key?

Transponder keys are a relatively new option in the market that can be programmed for a number of different types of vehicles. There are a number of conveniences and security features that this key can provide for your car. These keys are also called chip keys or ignition keys. With a chip key system, you can only start your car with a programmed key. You can program or reprogramme your chip keys in just minutes without having to remove them from your vehicle. Here are a few pro tips for DIY:

Step No. 1:

Turn the key to the “On” position after inserting your transponder key into the ignition.

Step No. 2:

Leave the key for 10 minutes and 30 seconds in the “On” position, then turn it off.

Step No. 3:

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 twice more, leaving the key for 10 minutes and 30 seconds in the “On” position each time. The third time you turn the key, turn it to the “Off” position.

Step No. 4:

To complete the programming process, return the key to “On.”. Now you are able to start your car by using the newly programmed key.

So, by following these simple steps, you can easily program a key to your car. Due to a lack of knowledge and expertise, some people cannot follow the steps properly to program a key. In that case, contact Sam The Lock Guy in Cambridge, MA. Our experts can help you program or reprogram your key within a few minutes only.

Car Unlock Service – We Are Masters to Handle Lockouts

Are you locked out of your car due to a broken key? Have you locked your key inside your car at night? Do you need a lockout expert to help you unlock your car without a key? We have answers to all your queries. A lockout expert who knows how to unlock your car without damaging it can solve all your problems. Wondering about where to find him? Call us! Our car unlock service experts can come to your location within a few minutes to help you. We have specialized lock-picking tools. These tools need the expertise to operate. Our locksmith can easily unlock your car using these lock-picking tools, and you will be back on the road in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, our expert can also make a new key for your car. We always recommend having your spare key near you. A spare key can help you during lockouts and save you time and money.

Other Car Key Services – We Have a Wide Range Of Services Available

Sam The Lock Guy provides all lock and key services for your cars and vehicles. From a car key service to door lock services, we are efficiently handling everything. Our key maker Cambridge expert can make keys for all models for you. No other company is providing such good quality service at flexible and reasonable rates. Only we are delivering the best quality service at economical prices. So, contact us now to enjoy automotive locksmith services.

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