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Commercial Door Locks – Pound For Pound

You may be wondering what differentiates a residential lock and a commercial lock; businesses use commercial door locks. They are generally stronger than other locks because companies that don’t protect their physical locations fail. A competent commercial door locks services provider such as Sam the lock guy, will help you better protect your business with excellent locks.

Commercial Door Locks – Sam The Lock Guy Will Protect Your Business

As a business owner, you cannot afford to cut corners with commercial door locks; so it’s in your best interest to invest in high-security door locks for your location. You may be wondering what qualifies as high-security front door locks; high-security locks must be secure physically, be made of high-quality materials, and should be able to withstand physical attacks.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), in conjunction with the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, graded every security lock with a rating of 3, 2, or 1. 1 is the best rating, and this rating is usually reserved for locks intended for commercial lockout usage.

Locks such as a deadbolt lock with an ANSI Grade of 1 must be able to withstand 250,000 cycles and 10 door strikes with a hammer, while a doorknob must be able to withstand 800,000 cycles, six-door strikes, and a 360-pound weight test in order to earn the top rating.

High-Security Door Locks – Nothing But The Best

The term high-security lock tends to be overused; it’s unfortunate that a lot of us don’t actually know what a high-security lock is. High-security locks are locks that can withstand extreme force, and in order to do this; they’re made of top quality materials like boron steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, and the likes.

A high-security lock can have a Grade 2 ANSI rating, but proper high-security door locks are those with a Grade 1 ANSI rating suitable for businesses.

Front Door Locks – High-Grade Entrance

Whether in your home or business, a general rule of thumb is to install high-grade locks on exterior doors; sadly, this is not negotiable if you’re serious about keeping your loved ones and business safe. Front door locks come in different shapes and sizes; but one thing they all have in common – or should have is their rating. Your front door should only be feature Grade 1 ANSI locks.

Due to their complexity, cost of development, design, and more, a reliable, high-grade lock is likely to cost you a bit more, but it’s worth it.

Deadbolt Lock – Are Deadbolts Secure?

A lot of people wonder if the lock they’re using is of impressive quality, we get questions like, is a padlock a grade 1 lock, is my deadbolt lock good enough, do I need to change my embedded door locks? Please note that there’s no type of lock that’s intrinsically better than another; there are Grade 1 deadbolts, there are Grade 3 deadbolts, and there are also deadbolts that don’t register on the scale. The quality of a lock is based on the materials they’re made of, not their classification.

Security Lock – For A Stronger America

The majority of us don’t need or want a top security lock everywhere in our home or business, and it can be infeasible to have them everywhere. In our homes, Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks are more suitable for usage on exterior doors; you can install lower grade locks inside your home; this is similar to how we protect our businesses; a business may decide to invest in heavy-duty Grade 1 lock on the exterior and important doors; then go for lower grade locks for interior offices where the threat level is lower.

Commercial Door Locks – Beyond The Rating

Please don’t assume that locks with lower ANSI ratings are of low quality – far from it. ANSI grading shows how locks made with specific materials under individual conditions perform in controlled, pre-determined tests. The fact that a Grade 3 lock isn’t suitable for main entry points doesn’t mean that they can’t be useful indoors. We advise you to speak to a commercial locksmith to gain a better understanding of locks.

Commercial Door Locks - FAQ

Commercial door locks are locks approved for use in business settings usually because they offer an improved level of protection. A commercial key maker must be able to resist forceful entry attempts for an extended amount of time, and this is what sets them apart.

For businesses, high-security locks are worth it, and in a lot of cases, a high-security lock is a prerequisite when purchasing insurance, and a lot of landlords insist that renting businesses must use high-grade door locks. Yes, a high-security door lock is worth the investment.

The type of locks we install on our entry points, such as front doors, will go a long way in preserving the security of our homes and businesses. Please consider using ANSI Grade 1 locks for front door locks; Grade 2 locks may suffice in specific residential settings.

There’s no doubt that the right deadbolt lock will protect your business, but keep in mind that no type of lock is intrinsically safe or unsafe. There are fantastic Grade 1 deadbolts that’ll protect your business stubbornly; and on the flip side, there are flimsy deadbolts made with substandard materials.

We can’t know for sure whether your security locks need changing until we inspect it or you give us valuable information about them. A few scenarios where you may need to change a security lock immediately are if you discover a low-grade lock on an external door and when your locks begin to show wear.

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