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Home Security Locks – Comprehensive One-Stop Locksmith Help

Home security locks need repairs and maintenance from time to time. Sam the Lock Guy administers comprehensive services to maintain home security locks in proper working order. Sam the Lock Guy technicians have experience working with all kinds of different home security locks.

Home Security Locks Locksmith Service In Lockout Situation

Sam the Lock Guy administers extensive home locksmith services for home security locks and doors with security door locks. Our locksmiths are specially trained to help you in a lockout situation where you have high security locks installed on your front door. You want to get back into your house but you don’t want the home security locks to go off.

Our certified and experienced security locksmith is available round-the-clock. Just contact us and within 30 minutes our mobile locksmiths will be available at your premises. Please inform our experts if you have a state-of-the-art or customized security door lock installed on your main door. Our locksmiths will come prepared with the proper tools to suit the circumstances. Once at the site, our experts will help you in the least amount of time possible based on the situation.

Choose Our Key Maker for a Transponder Key & More

Lost your transponder key and need a replacement made and programmed? Call our Cambridge auto locksmith company without delay. We are the local key maker with the training and equipment to create these keys for you very quickly without losing quality. We take pride in all of our work and always strive to exceed expectations for each customer that we provide a house lockout service. Call our key maker to get your new key and transponder chip programmed. Learn firsthand why we are one of the most trusted locksmith names in the area. We want to be the car locksmith Cambridge, MA you always call!

24/7 Home Locksmith To Help With Damaged Locks Or Broken Keys

A damaged key or a broken lock could potentially mean the difference between a safe home or a break-in. Your home security locks are the reason why you can leave your home carefree, without worrying about your home or belongings.

With Sam the Lock Guy home locksmith experts available around-the-clock you can get damaged locks or broken keys repaired at any time of your convenience. You no longer have to wait for a certain time to contact our home locksmith.

Get A Security Locksmith Before Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home or apartment, you will never have any idea who else has a copy of the home keys. For example, if it is an old house, there is a chance that there are multiple copies of keys with people out there.

Our security locksmith can help you change your home security locks if you are moving into a new home or apartment. The security locksmith will give you the best advice based on the type of door and lock you have.

Upgrading Home Security To High Security Locks

Over the last few years, the world has experienced many technological developments in the field of home security locks. Today there are numerous choices to choose from if you are looking for high security locks, for your home.

We have high security locks with a keyless entry which are almost impossible to breakthrough. Do not hesitate to contact our experts, if you feel that it is time to upgrade your home security. They can help you decide which will be the most suitable option based on your situation.

Forgotten Combination To Home Security Door Locks?

Electronic home security locks do not require a physical key. They require a code combination for the security door locks to unlock. People tend to not write it down somewhere. Because this code combination can unlock doors and possibly at the wrong time for the wrong person.

Don’t worry if you forgot the code combination for your security door locks or safe, our locksmiths can help. We have local locksmiths in the Cambridge, MA area to help you reset and recode your electronic keypad.

Sam the Lock Guy Home Locksmith Ensures Home Safety

Sam the Lock Guy is the home locksmith of choice for residents of Cambridge, MA for a long time. Each security locksmith we send is trained and certified in their specialization. By the law to help you legally they will help you.

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Home Security Locks - FAQ

According to research 34% of robbers walk right in the front door. This makes home security locks and door security a top priority for homeowners. Our home locksmiths can help you survey and examine all the doors and possible entries to ensure that they are in fact secure and in good shape. Ideally, the door hinges should be either hidden or protected to make it difficult to unscrew or pry them off. This is especially important if your door has a slot for mail.

Garage doors are gradually becoming a common means of entry for criminals. Accessing the garage means they are hidden from the home and street environment. This gives them time to work on breaking into your home door or stealing the contents of the garage

Our home locksmith can help you secure garage doors with additional locking systems. We can also help if you want to upgrade to a smart garage door opener. Our home locksmith can help you choose the right lock based on your requirements.

Security locksmith rekey a lock to change the key which will open the lock. The locking pins inside the lock are replaced with new pins and springs after the lock has been taken apart. After which new keys are cut to match the new locking pins and the old keys become useless.

This is done if the security locksmith believes that the lock is in good shape and can still provide a good level of security just by changing the key.

Key control is the process of knowing where all of your keys are and who has them. Some high security locks have keys that cannot be copied. The lock comes with a given number of keys, each key has a serial number to identify it.

These high security locks even have software to track the key’s location. If any single key cannot be accounted for, the lock can be reprogrammed with a new registered code and new registered keys.

Modern security door locks come with so many different features it can be difficult to choose the right one. At Sam the Lock Guy we have security door locks that are 100% pick-proof and 100% bump-proof. We have both keyless options and locks with keyed entry. Moreover, we even have locks with a combination of both keys and code. We have options to suit all kinds of requirements based on the locality of your residence.

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