House Key Maker – Helps Rekeying A Lock Or Changing A Lock

As a house key maker Sam the Lock Guy can duplicate keys, rekey a lock, or change locks. Sam the Lock Guy delivers 24/7 services as a house key maker, in the Cambridge, MA area. Our house key maker prices are affordable and convenient.

Economical House Key Maker Service | One-Stop Lock & Key Solutions

If you are looking for a key maker around me in the Cambridge, MA area Sam the Lock Guy is your one-stop solution house key maker for all your lock and key problems. Sam the Lock Guy is a house locksmith which provides key cutting, key duplicating, and lock change facilities all in one place.

Our house key maker administers reliable advice if you are wondering whether to rekey a lock or a lock change. Our house key maker can disassemble locks, remove springs and pins from the lock cylinders and change locks to rekey a lock. Only the new key will work after a lock is rekeyed.

We can also help if you need residential keys made in a lockout. Our house locksmith will be at your location within 30 minutes. Once there our mobile locksmith will help you out of the lockout.

24/7 House Key Maker Facilities In The Event Of A Lockout

Our mobile house key maker team is available around-the-clock. If you are in a house lockout, we can reach your premises within 30 minutes. The first priority of our mobile house key maker is to get you back into your home. Our house key maker will consult you if you want to keep the same key for the lock or rekey the lock to work with a different key. You can also choose to get a new lock, it’s completely your decision.

This Key Maker Around Me Can Also Cut A Key for An Open Door

Look no further, if you are looking for a key maker around me to make a key for an open door without the key. This key maker around me can cut new keys for doors that have locks but no key. With our house key maker you can get a new key for that door that everyone closes but never locks. Once our house key maker cuts a new key, that door will not just close, but it will also lock this time.

Get Residential Keys Made Without Destroying The Lock

Our house key maker can help you get new residential keys made once you are out of the lockout situation. You can choose to get new residential keys made for the same lock. After successfully opening the door in a lockout, the house key maker can cut new keys for the same lock which is already installed. The house key  maker will disassemble the lock in a non-destructive way and cut a new key. Keep in mind, that for some locks it is cheaper to simply change the lock than have new residential keys made for the same lock.

Customized House Locksmith Services To Meet Your Needs

Please inform our house locksmith in advance if you are dealing with an emergency situation. For example, an emergency as a child in the bathtub locked in the bathroom. We understand that it can be difficult to remain calm, but please do. Please try to provide complete information regarding the situation so that our house locksmith and the house key maker can help you as quickly as possible when they arrive. Keep in mind, that all of our professionals are trained and certified to deal with lock and key emergencies.

Sam the Lock Guy House Key Maker Recommendations For Safety

Sam the Lock Guy house key maker can help if you need house locksmith help to get your residential keys made. But that will not help much if you have a window in your door. Consider getting a peephole if you want to a lookout. It will be much safer.


A Walmart Key maker is focused on automation rather than customer service. The generic menu has very few options to choose from. The material used in those keys is not built to last long. A house key maker has their work cut out for them. A house key maker cannot leave the premises until their client is satisfied with the work they’ve done. A house key maker can also help in the event you have a broken or bent key, automated processes in shopping centers simply can’t match professional services. 

You may see the inscription “Do Not Duplicate” on a key and might wonder if it is impossible to copy these keys or is there any law if I do make a duplicate? In reality, there is no law governing these keys. A house key maker may refuse to duplicate such a key, while another house key maker will readily make the copy for you, without any questions asked.

For those of you looking for a key maker around me, to fix, repair, or properly install a lock that has not been installed properly, look no further. Our house key maker can fix or repair any lock which has been recently installed by a different locksmith. The key point to consider is why did the previous locksmith not install the lock properly? It could be because the locksmith simply didn’t know better. Consult with our house key maker to get a personalized answer.

If you ever put a key in its keyhole and the key starts catching, feels tight to turn, or draggy these are all signs that something might not be right. Get your residential keys made before your key actually breaks off in the lock. On the contrary, it might be that your lock needs a little lubrication. Don’t hesitate to ask our house key maker to visit your address if you feel something doesn’t feel right with your lock.

No house locksmith would recommend using the same key for all the rooms to your house including your main door. The only reason why any house key maker gives such advice is that people often have trouble keeping track of all of their keys. For a burglar, it would be the ideal scenario, get one key and all the doors inside open up. Consider installing a key cabinet in your home, to keep track of all of the keys. Use these keys only when necessary. Keep the key to the key cabinet in your wallet.