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Have you lost or damaged your ignition key? If your key isn’t opening the door locks of your vehicle or won’t start your car, give Sam The Lock Guy a call immediately to get ignition key services, including broken ignition key replacement and programming for remote car keys and transponder key.

Ignition Key Full-Service Locksmiths

Most locksmiths claim that they’ll be on the way in no time, but leave you waiting several hours for service. If your ignition key isn’t working or if you need a car key made, call Sam The Lock Guy to have a full-service mobile locksmith on the scene in as little as half an hour and provide an ignition key replacement. We are able to make car keys right on the scene and can also provide a remote car key for your vehicle. There are also times when your ignition key isn’t working, but the problem is the lock cylinder itself. In this situation, our locksmiths can use their specialized tools to repair, replace, and even rekey door locks and ignition key cylinders. Whatever lock service you need, count on our team of technically skilled and professionally trained professional locksmiths and get you the help you need to ensure that your vehicle is secure and accessible only to you.

Ignition Key Replacement At Affordable Prices

Ignition key replacement can be expensive when you go to dealerships or work with automotive key cutters. When you call our locksmiths, however, you will find affordable prices for services you need as soon as possible. If your ignition key has been broken, you’ve lost your keys, or if the lock mechanisms on your vehicle have been damaged, we can make sure you have an ignition key replacement sooner than you thought possible. Our locksmiths are ready at a moment’s notice and have state of the art tools on hand to ensure that you are fully satisfied and able to unlock and drive your vehicle.

Car Key Made Wherever You Are

Having problems with your car keys? We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can get a transponder key made wherever you need one, no matter where you are. Our mobile automotive locksmith experts will be on the scene within the hour, helping you get back on the road and ensuring that your ignition key is programmed to your vehicle. If you need more than just a car key made, you can count on us to provide any additional lock and key services you need at the time of arrival.

Remote Car Key Replacement, Repairs, & Programming

Many vehicle owners attempt to program their remote car key on their own, but it can quickly become frustrating when things don’t quite work out. Our automotive locksmiths can program remote car keys on the spot and may be able to perform repairs on a remote car key if it is not too severely damaged. If you need a replacement ignition key, remote car key, or high security key made, pick up the phone and get the help you need from our professional auto locksmith team right when you need it – no long waits, no sky-high prices.

We Make Car Keys On Site!

Experiencing problems with your ignition key? If you notice problems starting your vehicle with your keys, call our dedicated team – we make car keys on site and can get to you in the blink of an eye to diagnose your problem and provide a solution whether you need us to make car keys for your vehicle or to perform service on the ignition key mechanism itself. If you have to try your key several times, it’s time to call our auto locksmith experts to assess your worn-down key and provide a new, working replacement.

Mobile Auto Locksmiths | Call Now!

When the time comes and you need a mobile auto locksmith, you want professionals that will get to you as soon as possible. Give Sam The Lock Guy a call and you’ll be connected to friendly technicians that will be on their way in a matter of minutes.

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About Ignition Key


If there has been an attempt at forcing your lock open or if you have door damage from a car accident, you may begin to think you have a faulty ignition key. However, the car door’s lock may be the issue at hand, causing the failure of your car key. Our locksmiths perform assessments upon arrival and can quickly find and fix the problem.

When your ignition key gets stuck in the lock or ignition cylinder, it can cause a panic. Many people tend to try to remove the stuck key themselves. When doing this, the key can break or the lock can become damaged in the process. Our locksmiths can extract your key and provide an ignition key replacement for your car, truck, van, etc.

There are various different types of car keys, so the time it takes to cut and program a key will depend on several factors. In typical circumstances, you can get a car key made and programmed within half an hour by our professional locksmiths. If you need additional services, however, it can take additional time to complete the job.

Yes! Sam The Lock Guy locksmiths are skilled and can duplicate a spare remote car key; we can also replace remote car keys that have been lost or broken. If you need other services, such as a new ignition key, our locksmiths can cut keys as well as provide other services, such as rekeying door locks, replacing ignition cylinders, programming transponder keys, and more.

You don’t need your original ignition key for our locksmiths to make car keys. We can use the information provided by your vehicle, such as the VIN number, to cut a key that works for your door locks and ignition system. You won’t have to worry about your old keys, either, as they won’t work for your vehicle after we’ve programmed your new keys.

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