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Keys Made Cambridge, MA – The Kind Of Keys We Make

  • Mechanical key – this is the basic metal key that requires manual insertion to unlock and start the car’s ignition.
  • Transponder key – this is a key that comes with a chip inserted inside the key fob; which enables access to your car through a specifically programmed code.
  • Remote key – this is a battery-operated key that has a chip to unlock your car; however, it also comes with a mechanical key that can directly unlock your car manually; it is required to start the car engine through ignition.

Keys Made Cambridge, MA- What Kind Of Services Are Offered

  • Mechanical key cutting – the traditional method of key cutting by tracing the outline of an existing key to get the keys maker Cambridge, MA.
  • Laser key cutting – the latest high tech method of key cutting; which involves the metal part being cut out by a special laser machine; which makes it harder to replicate to in turn have keys made Cambridge, MA
  • Transponder key programming – usually done by expert locksmiths on blank keys; which enable the key to send out a particular type of coded signal through the chip inside that; only when the receiver recognized will grant you access.
  • Remote key programming – a battery-operated key system that unlocks your car by giving our radio frequency signals.

Smart Or Metal? Know Your Options!

A metal key is a basic traditional key that is long-lasting and sturdy. Due to the lack of modern high-tech security systems, it has been extensively used. On the other hand, a smart key is an automated system of unlocking your doors and locks remotely by clicking a button.

A smart key is a far more secure option than a traditional key; since it only grants access to the key that has been programmed according to the receiver inside the car.

It is a modernized system that has become far more common than traditional keys; as we have moved towards modern times. So call a key maker Cambridge, MA today and upgrade from standard keys to a smart key.

We Verify All The Cars And Homes We Work On!

Verification to receive services could even work in terms of an authority letter from the actual owner. As a locksmith, we are accountable for any services we provide; so we need to take precautions to avoid assisting an intruder with a break-in or a robbery which is why we require proof of ownership to provide services.

We do not wish to indulge in any crime such as a robbery as that would tarnish our reputation; so, according to our policies, proof of ownership is necessary to acquire our services.

Every locksmith must go through extensive training and undergo background checks before they are allowed to work. To know which locksmith to trust, you can ask them for their certification.

Alongside, you can also check the customer feedback to know the quality of service regarding keys made Cambridge, MA they provide, enabling you to understand which locksmith to trust and hire to provide you with their services.

We Also Make Transponder Keys!

A transponder key refers to a transmitter system and a responder working hand in hand to allow access to your car. A transponder chip is inserted into the key fob. At the same time, the transmitter is programmed to send out a particular signal through radio frequency waves.

This is identified by the receiver, which is programmed to function when a certain type of signal is received. Once the signal is recognized, the owner is granted access to the car as the door simply unlocks automatically.

A transponder key provides a three-layered security system, ensuring that both your vehicle and you are much more secure than with a mechanical key. So get your keys made Cambridge, MA today.

Sam The Lock Guy- Keys Made Cambridge MA At Your Service, Anytime Anywhere!

Providing top-of-the-line locks in Massachusetts is something that our team of experts aims to provide. At Sam The Lock Guy, we are reliable and trustworthy in terms of being the top choice; to get your keys made, considering the various individuals who have used our services and have nothing but a positive response.

We possess the required knowledge and information about the latest locks and keys in the market with our extensive learning. Thus, we can give you suggestions as to which type of lock or key will fulfill your exact need. So call Sam The Lock Guy today and get your keys made Cambridge, MA.

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