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Locks on cars, front doors or various rooms in homes don’t get that much attention – until something goes wrong. Everyone assumes a lock will continue to function perfectly, but a lock can develop problems over time. Hiring a local locksmith near me is the best way to ensure that you are resolving these issues promptly, affordably and without creating even more complications.

Hire the Best Locksmith in the Area

Sam The Lock Guy is the local locksmith near me to trust in the Cambridge, MA area. We have years of experience assisting domestic and commercial clients with a range of lock and key related matters. Whether you require brand new locks when you are moving into a new home; or you are hoping to get all your locks rekeyed, we are ready to help you to the best of our ability.

As the number one local locksmith near me, we offer all the Cambridge locksmith services you can imagine. Below is a list of just some of what we can do for you in a timely manner.

Residential lock rekeying
Commercial lock installation
Security lock installation & repair
Car lock duplication & replacement
Emergency lockout assistance
Stuck keys retrieval & repair

Reliable Locksmith Professionals

One of the most frustrating things you can experience is hiring someone to help you with a job, only to find they have done a sub-par job. Sam The Lock Guy is proud of our reputation as one of the best local locksmith near me in the Cambridge, MA area. You can trust our locksmiths to handle any job with professionalism and efficiency.

We have completed tasks for commercial clients that included rekeying hundreds of locks, while we are also happy to help homeowners with a single lock replacement. Whether you need our help urgently or over the next few days, call our office to schedule the most convenient time to have a local best locksmith near me come to your location.

Importance of Key Duplication

Losing a car or house key should not feel as though it is a major disaster. But you can create serious problems for yourself if you lose the only key in your possession to your front door, closet or vehicle.

As one of the top local locksmith near me, Sam The Lock Guy suggests that you get duplicate keys made ahead of time. Having a duplicate in a safe place takes away a lot of the tension if you do lose or damage the key in your possession.

Rather than having to call a locksmith urgently to come to your home and get a new key made; you would be able to request our service sometime in the coming days. You would use the spare key; then get another duplicate made when it was convenient.

Key duplication is also helpful when you have multiple people living in the same house or apartment, or sharing a vehicle. Rather than having to wait for the person with the key to get home, everyone has their own key and can get inside without any fuss.

Emergency Assistance

Despite our warnings about having only one key for your front door or car door, we understand emergencies can happen. Perhaps you did not plan for the worst case scenario, and now you have lost your car key.

We are the local locksmith near me that you can trust to come to your aid. Very few of the local locksmith near me that operate in the Cambridge, MA area have a 24/7 service for domestic or commercial clients.

Our locksmith company has both. We are ready to help our clients when they are experiencing a vehicle, home or business lockout. Rather than having to wait hours for normal business hours, or needing to break into your own home, you give us a call and a locksmith arrives at your location ready to help.

Affordable Lock and Key Services

Despite our years of experience in the area and stellar reputation, we have never thought to raise our prices significantly. We remain one of the most affordable locksmith service providers in the area.

When you need a local locksmith near me to help you with rekeying or key duplication, you will know that our services are competitively priced. Even if there is a company with a slightly lower rate, you may not be sure about their reliability. Our locksmiths are the best at what they do, which is why most of our clients are repeat customers.

Do not neglect a lock that is difficult to open, a key that appears visibly damaged, or a car transponder key that is causing you problems. Such problems may start out small, but they can quickly become significant issues that cause disruption to your everyday life. Get in touch with the best local locksmith near me and allow us to help resolve your problem.

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