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Lock Company Cambridge, MA- What Is This?

In insistences, some people have a preconceived notion that a lock company Cambridge, MA is purely automotive. This is completely untrue and a hoax of a statement, as there is also a lock company Cambridge, MA specializing in residential security (your homes) and commercial properties (your businesses). It might be a common occurrence of people getting locked out of their cars; but there are instances that commercial lock company Cambridge, MA are needed during business hours too.

According to the most basic definition, a locksmith is someone who makes and repairs locks. But that is not all there is to the profession. A professional locksmith is responsible for providing a plethora of services; that contribute to a property’s safety and security with additional benefits; such as that of lock company Cambridge, MA with the most reasonable rates present in the market.

Lock Company Cambridge, MA Offers The Following Services:


Commercial locksmiths are professionals who work on larger commercial properties such as buildings, offices, schools, hotels, warehouses, and factories. So, Sam The Lock Guy’s locksmiths have experienced catering to small residential properties as well and have specialized skills to provide solutions for commercial properties on a large scale due to hands-on experience in the years followed.

Like any commercial locksmith we not only open and change locks but also helps with a variety of other services that may include installing and servicing electronic and digital locks, and master keying, all included in our lock company Cambridge, MA services and work style.


Residential locksmiths such as Sam The Lock Guy are professionals who specialize in home locks and security. They understand the risks and threats to residential properties; giving recommendations accordingly.

So to speak we do so much more than just install locks on the doors of your house like other average locksmiths locally. Instead, additionally, we help assess your security needs and provide tips on how to protect your home from unauthorized access.


While mostly all locksmiths only provide residential and commercial services catering to residential and commercial property owners, we at Sam the Lock Guy, as a top lock and smith Cambridge, MA, also provide automotive locksmiths expertise and services, providing professional expertise to car owners to solve your problem in no time.

We not only help you gain access to your vehicle in the event of a lockout, but also replace, repair, and update the car keys. This includes working with remote controls and smart keys that require special skill and expertise to bypass.

Lock Company Cambridge, MA- How To Find A Trustworthy Locksmith Like Us

Always make sure you get the number and name of the company you hired. Most scam companies come in plain white vans without any logo, and that would be a red flag for you as a client. If they don’t seem credible, don’t attempt to take on their service.

Are they commercial, residential, or automotive? There are many locksmiths, who you should be aware of since you’re hiring one yourself. Make sure their expertise is commercial, and that they’re a local company.

Do they work on properties like yours, or are they specializing more in big buildings? This is important to note because they might charge you a lot if you’re just a small business. If they work for small businesses, they know the ins and outs, pros, and cons, and they can easily give you a solution to your lock problem without pushing you to bankruptcy.

Have a list ready of any known problems in your business. It won’t do you any good to have them visit you over and over again. Some companies charge fees for each day or each hour, and not only will you be wasting money, but time as well.

We’re The Dream Come True For Most People

Find a company that has 24/7 service. Some people get locked out in the middle of the night — will the commercial locksmith be there in 5 minutes? A business that won’t serve you at any time you need them is not good, especially not in this industry.

Check their site online. Read some reviews other people have for them. What’s worse than getting yourself locked in, is hiring an incompetent locksmith and a scam company that will keep you waiting for hours to ultimately just destroy your lock. Reviews and feedback shouldn’t be ignored since customers won’t hesitate to gush about great service.

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