Locksmith Car Key Replacement – Get A New Key Quickly

Sam The Lock Guy is the place to call when you need locksmith car key replacement in the Cambridge area. Our locksmith car key replacement service is affordable, quick and guaranteed to last you for a very long time. We can handle locksmith car key replacement for all car makes and models.

Locksmith Car Key Replacement Service

In the first place Hire Sam The Lock Guy for locksmith car key replacement in Cambridge, MA and surrounding areas. Secondly we specialize in chip key replacement, transponder key duplication, key fob repairs, remote key replacement and more. For emergencies, we can get a locksmith out to your location within 15 to 20 minutes. Of course Our lost car key replacement service is the best in the area. When you are in need of assistance with the chip key for your vehicle; So, you can count on us to help. Whether you need routine locksmith car key service or emergency mobile car key replacement outside of business hours, we hope you will give us a call. Moreover our services are very fairly priced; we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies. There is no car key or lock related issue that we cannot handle.

Call Us for Lost Car Key Replacement

Furthermore, a lost car key means you are unable to get inside your vehicle and drive to work. Rather than spending hours trying to find the misplaced key, the best option is to give us a call. In addition, we offer lost car key replacement services in Cambridge and nearby areas. Therefore with our locksmith car key replacement service, you will be back in your car within a couple of hours. The lost car key replacement service is also available outside of business hours if you are experiencing an emergency. In addition, one of our locksmiths can get to your location within 15 to 20 minutes to make you a new car key.

Chip Key Replacement In Cambridge

The computer chip inside your car key is the reason why it functions flawlessly when turned in your ignition. Therefore, if the chip does not work, your car would not start. In fact any damage to the chip means that you likely need a chip key replacement. Certainly our locksmith car key replacement service extends to chip keys, remote keys and key fobs. Trust one of the locksmiths at our store to arrive at your location, assess the make and model of your car, and then make a chip key replacement that works perfectly with your vehicle. The entire process can be completed within one or two hours.

Emergency Mobile Car Key Replacement

Whenever need a new ignition key? Avoid the high dealership prices and give us a call. Our auto locksmith Cambridge, MA can create a high-quality key no matter the make, model, or year of vehicle that you drive at a great price and for less than you’d get at the dealership.

Flawless Chip Key Programming

Certainly many people do not realize their car key has a computer chip that communicates with the electronics system in your ignition. In fact if the chip is not working correctly, your car may stall. Rather than risking damage to your ignition, the best strategy is to request our chip key reprogramming or replacement service. As we have experience making a new chip key for all car makes and models. So, trust the locksmith car key replacement service from Sam The Lock Guy. In fact our prices are very low, and we guarantee most jobs are complete within one or two hours.

Keep A Spare Key For Emergencies

One of the best ways to avoid a car lockout emergency is to have a duplicate key made in advance. When you get a new car, come by our shop and ask one of our locksmiths to make you a couple of duplicate keys. You can store those in your house and have them on hand in case you ever lose your primary key.

Locksmith Car Key Replacement - FAQ

Yes, our locksmith car key replacement service extends to top of the line models such as Mercedes, BMW, Dodge and Chrysler. We have experience replacing key fobs, remote keys and transponder keys, while we can also repair keys that are not damaged too badly. One of our locksmiths can get a new key made for you within one or two hours.

Yes, we understand that a car emergency is not going to happen during opportune moments. That is why our lost car key replacement service extends beyond regular business hours. If you are locked out of your vehicle, or suddenly realize your car key does not work, you can call us day or night and we will help. A locksmith car key replacement expert will arrive at your location within 15 to 20 minutes to get started on making a new key.

No, most people do not have the experience or tools to handle a chip key replacement on their own. While regular house keys are not hard to duplicate, and can even be done using key vending machines, chip keys have computer chips inside that only locksmith car key replacement experts can program correctly. Even if the key can be used to open and close your vehicle, your engine will not start if the key is missing the properly programmed computer chip.

Most locksmiths need to examine your car, go back to their shop, make a new key, and then bring it to you. Our locksmiths have the tools needed to make a new key in their vans, which makes our mobile car key replacement service a lot more efficient. We charge the same or lower rates for locksmith car key replacement service than our competitors, but guarantee a quicker turnaround time.

No, our locksmiths have a lot of experience in repairing chip key damage. If your key is intact and the problem is a software malfunction, we may be able to reprogram it using specialized software that we use as part of our locksmith car key replacement service. Such a process would save you money on having to get a new key.

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