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Why Is It Important To Repair Locks?

Everyone knows nothing is made to last forever so to say including door locks. If a lock is no longer working as it should nor carrying out the important task it was designed for; it either needs to be fixed or replaced. Homeowners want to be sure, however, that any DIY intervention won’t make the problem worse. So that is where we with repair lock Cambridge, MA come in, with the lowest rates; most advantageous service, you’ll be surely impressed.

How To Repair A Lock Yourself?

⦁ Crammed lock

This is perhaps the most common lock problem to be faced with: when you can insert the key into the lock; but can’t get the lock to turn the supposed way. This frustrating situation can usually be prevented with a bit of preventative maintenance now; then but is tricky to resolve once it’s jammed. Forcing the key to turn in the lock may only further the damage to the lock mechanism or cause a bigger issue, so what should you do?
The lock has likely jammed due to an accumulation of dirt and dust. To resolve the issue, you can try the foremost beneficial way, by contacting the pros; we’re offering repair entry door locks Cambridge, MA, services.

⦁ Damaged lock

If the key or knob turns, but the lock doesn’t operate, there may be something wrong mechanically with the lock parts. It could be a result of longer duration of usage or wear and tear. In any case, a mechanical issue means that the lock must either be repaired or replaced so don’t be hesitant to call us right away for the best rates possible for our repair lock Cambridge, MA service.

⦁ Stuck door lock

When the winter chill arrives in town, it’s common for average locks to freeze up. It’s inconvenient, but luckily can usually be resolved fairly easily. We recommend the following three tactics:

1. Warm the key
2. Use aerosol deicer
3. Blast the lock with a hairdryer

If per se a situation arrives and you’re at a standpoint with none of these tactics working, do not worry call us; Sam The Lock Guy, our repair lock Cambridge, MA services are 24/7 available throughout the day.

When Should You Repair The Lock?

As you enter and exit your home each day, pay attention to how your lock functions. There are some telltale signs that you should repair lock Cambridge, MA, including:

⦁ Difficulty turning the key – If turning your key in the lock requires more force than it used to, your lock could be getting old and might need repair.

⦁ The key gets stuck frequently – Has your key ever become stuck in the lock? Even if you’re able to remove it successfully; this is a common sign that you need to repair lock Cambridge, MA before the key gets stuck and you can’t remove it.

⦁ Frozen parts – Over time, it is possible for parts of the locking mechanism to become frozen and not move; even when the key is in the lock and thus you need to repair lock Cambridge, MA.

Signs That You Need A New Lock:

⦁ You’ve been a victim of a break-in – This is one of the clearest signs that you need to install new locks on your doors. You may want to upgrade your lock system or simply replace the locks out of an abundance of caution.

⦁ Your locks have been damaged beyond repair – Sometimes it’s impossible or unwise to repair a lock. Burglars will often damage locks when breaking in, or sometimes a lock will be damaged by accident.

⦁ Your lock has become rusted and weathered– For locks that are exposed to the elements, rust and other damage are a notable concern. Rust inside a lock could prevent the teeth of the key from sliding under the tumblers and pushing them up. If your lock shows signs of rust or other weather damage, consider scheduling a replacement.

⦁ Your lock is old – Over time, particularly for locks that experience frequent use, your lock could become worn and less effective at letting you in and keeping others out. There also may be multiple sets of keys floating around (friends, neighbors, former roommates, and other residents); you might wish to take control of your home back by replacing your locks entirely rather than having them rekeyed.

Select Our Services Now!

Looking at these factors shows how essential it is to have a locksmith on your speed dial to help you through your troubles to repair lock Cambridge, MA, as no matter how many tactics one has sometimes it doesn’t work.
We at Sam The Lock guy are just a call away from solving all your repair lock Cambridge, MA troubles and provides outstanding lock service Cambridge MA– Call us Now!

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