Replacement Car Keys - Replace Any Vehicle Key!

When you need replacement car keys, there is no better locksmith company to call than Sam The Lock Guy. This experienced team has extensive experience and a quick response time, arriving on the scene to cut replacement car keys for your vehicle within minutes. Our replacement car keys service can replace lost keys, chip keys, and other key types.

Replacement Car Keys Service

If you have found yourself without a pair of functional car keys for any reason, including losing your keys, count on Sam The Lock Guy to provide replacement car keys for your vehicle. We service automobiles of all makes and models and can craft a reliable spare for you to have or can replace your main set of car keys if the key becomes damaged. Our locksmith car key replacement services cover chip key replacement as well, so transponder and traditional keys can be replaced before you know it. Even remote keys can be replaced and programmed, giving you multiple avenues to access your vehicle. Our mobile car key replacement team gets calls about lost car key replacement all the time, so we know exactly what to expect when we arrive on the scene. With us on your side, getting replacement car keys will never be easier, quicker, or more affordable.

Locksmith Car Key Replacement That’s Affordable & Fast

Many people make the mistake of thinking that calling a locksmith for locksmith car key replacement is the most expensive option, but this is often not the case. Our services are affordable and typically cost less than a visit to your dealership would be if you want a pair of replacement car keys. When our team performs locksmith car key replacement services, you get mobile help within the hour and won’t have to worry about paying extra to get the same thing you would from our dedicated and reliable team of locksmith car key professionals.

Lost Car Key Replacement From The Pros

Losing your keys is a frustrating event that can cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if you don’t have a spare key laying around. Our team can cut replacement car keys that work with no problems, making sure that they fit specifically into your ignition key system and trigger all of the right processes needed to unlock and start your car. Lost car key replacement is possible even if you don’t have access to your old set of keys, so don’t worry about not having something for our locksmiths to copy. Lost car key replacement can be done in just a few minutes.

Chip Key Replacement In A Jiffy

Does your car key have a chip on it? If so, this is likely a transponder key and will need special servicing in order to ensure that it works properly for your vehicle. Chip key replacement should be done by professionals, as it is not enough to simply get a key cut. In order for chip key replacement to be effective, you will need to have the key programmed to your vehicle’s computer so that it reads and recognizes the key when it is inserted into the ignition. Our locksmith can take care of this, programming replacement car keys in a jiffy.

Mobile Car Key Replacement Wherever You Are

Our mobile car key replacement locksmith team is dedicated to hitting the road when they get a call that someone needs help getting into or starting their vehicle due to key or lock malfunctions. Each member of our mobile car key replacement team is equipped with all of the tools and machinery needed to cut replacement car keys, rekey locks, and program chips, transponder key, and remotes. We can also cut high security keys for cars with complex security systems. Wherever you are in Cambridge, we will be on the way to get you back into your vehicle.

Sam The Lock Guy - Available Anytime | 24/7

Whenever you are facing a problem with your vehicle keys and need replacement car keys, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch with a member of our star locksmith team. We can handle any auto locksmith emergency and can get you back into your vehicle and to your regular schedule in no time.

About Replacement Car Keys


When you get replacement car keys crafted, you may run into problems if it is not done properly – this is why our expert locksmiths carefully craft keys for automotive vehicles. Your key could be malfunctioning due to not being programmed, which we can do on site, or it may have variations that are so slight you won’t notice them but your car’s lock system does.

The method used for locksmith car key replacement will depend on the type of key, as transponder keys require a different process than traditional keys with no transponder. Typically, however, the locksmith will craft replacement car keys by getting a blank key and cutting the key so that it fits into your ignition. The key is then programmed so that your car recognizes it.

We can provide lost car key replacement services for cars of any model, year, or make. Traditional keys without transponders are more common in older cars and can be crafted even without the original set. You can also get replacement car keys as well as remotes along with replacements for smart keys and Infrared keys, covering all bases in terms of car keys.

You will know when you need chip key replacement if your key has trouble starting your vehicle, as your microchip may not be reading correctly. An error or security light can also signal the need for replacement car keys, at which time you can give our handy locksmiths a call for affordable replacement chip keys no matter the make or model of your vehicle.

If you don’t have the original car keys to your vehicle, it is still possible to get replacement car keys from our locksmiths. We provide mobile car key replacement services on the spot and have all the tools needed to craft a brand-new set of car keys for your truck, van, motorcycle, or car within a few minutes.

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