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Are you locked out of your car? Is your car door jammed? Have you locked your keys inside your car? Don’t get panic and call Sam the lock guy, to unlock car door. We are providing mobile locksmith services in Cambridge, MA. So, it is very easy for us to reach you within a few minutes. Our expert can unlock your door quickly because of the experience and quality training he possesses. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now. We are also providing locksmith Boston services in order to facilitate you.

In What Way Do Locksmiths Unlock Cars?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were trapped inside your car and were unable to exit it? Has it ever happened to you that you lost the keys to your vehicle? Or have you ever lost your car keys once? If this is your case, the best person to assist you is a locksmith. An auto locksmith is a person who opens the doors of automobiles. If you are wondering how these people have the ability to open vehicles, let us explain. The following are some of the ways that can help them unlock car door:

Using a slim jim

This tool allows a locksmith to reach inside the lock and pop the lock open with the help of the tool. Even though it might seem like it’s a simple thing to do, it’s not as simple as it might appear. Slim Jims can damage your vehicle’s electrical system if used improperly, as well as disable the airbags with wrong use.

Using J and L tools

There is another option for your locksmith to be able to unlock your vehicle. That option is the J and L Tools. There are tools like these used on older cars with switches on the door panels that work to lock and unlock the doors. It is possible to use the J tool, in this case, to reach down and lift the unlock button in order to open it. Similarly, when using the L tool, it will work in the same manner, but it will be more specific to a particular model of car or its designs. On a newer vehicle, it is not uncommon to use either the J tool or the L tool.

A re-flash of the immobilizer is necessary

The problem will usually occur with certain types of vehicles that have an immobilizer theft-deterrent installed. The theft prevention device will make sure that if someone tries to steal the car, it will not be able to start. There can be a malfunction with this part that can prevent your vehicle from starting in certain conditions. Our locksmith unlock car door can fix this issue and has seen it many times too.

We at Sam the lock guy have licensed and authorized professionals who can handle all kinds of door unlocking systems. Just trust us and make a call for a memorable experience.

Broken Key Extraction – We Can Unlock Your Door Without Key

Did you break your key inside your door lock, and you cannot remove it? Call our expert technician. Our locksmith expert will make use of a broken key extractor to remove your key from the door lock. He has specialized tools to unlock car door afterward. So, our experts don’t need a key to unlock your door. They have their lock picking kits to do that. Moreover, our expert can make you a new key on the spot if you ask for it.

How To Unlock A Keyless Entry System For Vehicles?

Whenever you have to unlock a car with a keyless entry system, then you will need to reprogramme it. As soon as the reprogramming is completed, the car door can then be easily unlocked. But this needs a lot of skill and expertise. Our locksmith professionals have all the expertise to handle such programming tasks. They can reprogram your system so that you can have access to your car again. So, feel free to call us and get the best service experience.

Replacement Car Keys – Get 24/7 Emergency Solutions

Sometimes we lose keys to our car door lock, or maybe we break them accidentally. Whatever the case may be, an emergency locksmith service can save you from difficulty. For that purpose, you can call our expert at Sam the lock guy and get the best emergency services. Our professional key maker can reach you within a few minutes once you call us in Cambridge, MA. He can make new keys and replace the old ones with them. It can make it easier for you to unlock car door abruptly. You can also call us for ignition key replacement services. We could be happy to help you.

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